Gone are the lucrative gold mines that once sustained the local economy making the Bohannon School District the envy of its neighbors. Tourists fill some of the gap but by far the largest employer, the replacement for the gold mines that keep Mudgap from joining its ghost town neighbors, is the Federal Government, primarily the Army.  Residents commute to White Sands Missile Range, nearby Camp Rockman or offices in Las Cruces.  A few work at the Army weather station on the Montana Estatua.
    During the gold mine days Rockman Canyon was deserted, a spooky place of tall tales.  A favorite joke was sending a tenderfoot on a fool’s errand to find gold in Rockman Canyon.  Stories of such pranks abound. Some are undoubtedly true.
    In the late 1930’s, noting the clean mountain air and healthful climate, the U. S. Army established a Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Rockman Canyon. Camp Rockman has grown into an economic pillar employing not just health workers but technical writers, engineers and laborers.

    White Sands Missile Range and its contractors employ highly educated professionals and laborers of all skill levels.  Many of them settle in Mudgap for its excellent schools, gracious mountain living and progressive community.  Mudgap offers, as the motto says,  “Frontier Mountain living for the twenty-first century”.
    Our local economy provides fine dining and fast food, antique stores and junk shops and retirement enticements for a new generation of settlers who find us through their travels.


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