Government and Schools

Mayor: Robert Musgrove
Schools: School Superintendent, Francis Tuttle, writes,  “The education of our children is society’s best hope for the future.  Our graduation and college-bound rates are among the highest.  I am personally proud of the fine professionals whose love of education gives us such good results.”

Bohannon Elementary (K-6)
Principal: Edwin Lancaster

Bohannon Junior High (7-9), Home of the Panners
Principal: Daryl Johansson
Vice Principal and PE Coach: Jerry Wassersmith

Bohannon High School (10-12), Home  of the Fighting Miners
Principal: Dominick Hernandez
Assistant Principal: Mike Poole
Head Coach: Ike Redman
Instructor Emeritus: Cynthia Johnson (honors English)
Head of Math and Science Department: Larry Davenport
Head of History and Government Department: Tara Tuttle
Head of Language Department:  Mary Darling
Head of Other Studies Department:  Elizabeth Crouch

Class from 1903